There is an array of tools i.e. services that can be used in communications. We can help you pick the right ones.

  • Research is very important for making correct communication strategic decisions. What is your goal? What is your market like? Who is your competition? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Strategy is where you want to go. Communication is how.  Your company should have a plain direction and a lucid identity.
  • Employee Relations is the second more important aspect of your company communication. Once you have mapped out your strategy, you should first communicate it to your own people. 
  • Investor Relations is crucial to find funding for your growth and later on to develop and maintain good relations with your investors/stockholders.
  • Government Affairs, like it or not, is an essential part of reality. It is about how your whole sector is perceived by the state, and the EU.
  • Media Relations is how companies use the media to serve their purposes and not the other way round. Although the most common problem is being mutually ignored. Especially if you are small and… unimportant.
  • Community Relations is always important especially after the having-grown phase.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility is a contemporary communication weapon that – if used correctly – can be more “lethal” than advertising. And cheaper…
  • Environmental Corporate Policy  is also very 21st century.
  • Issues management is an advanced communication tool that requires focus and a great deal of lobbying.
  • Effective Writing & Imaging are both absolutely indispensable for any decent communication campaign. Press releases, the company website, brochures, interviews, articles, advertorials, media inserts, logos, mottos…
  • Communications Office is tied closely together with the media relations service but also with writing and imaging.
  • Crisis Management is considered another advanced communication tool but in reality it is vital.



Here is an example of how we could work together. 


  1. Consulting session to map out the company strategy
  2. Presentation of company strategy combining session results and own preliminary research
  3. Recommendations regarding company identity
  4. Preparation of 5 press releases (English or Greek) annually
  5. Preparation of 7 short announcements (One paragraph plus About the company) annually
  6. Distribution of Greek press releases and announcements (local)
  7. Distribution of Press Releases through the PR Newswire network (distribution cost calculated separately)
  8. Creation of news opportunities and pseudoevents
  9. Editing of 2 advertorials annually
  10. Tracking of list of competing sites or other (weekly report with all news announcements)