European train company
A major part of communication is direct marketing and a very important part of that is loyalty schemes. Perhaps not the most illustrious but certainly the most rewarding if you ask your customers.  Being in charge of one of the biggest loyalty schemes in the world gives you a sense of knowing what kind of communication has an immediate impact. A good loyalty scheme creates an instant and solid bond between the company and the client. For a loyalty scheme to work wonders, it has to reward and be loyal. From both sides. The company has to be loyal in rewarding the customer and the customer will reward the company by remaining loyal. I guess the same goes for all communication. Direct or indirect.


Aerospace Industry
The seriousness and heaviness of this industry was counterbalanced by a very seem-to-be light CRS campaign. It focused mainly on the environment and community relations as the industry was based in an area with strong environmental issues. Although the industry was not responsible of any wrong-doing, the ambivalence of the issues need to be cleared by unfolding a multi-level campaign touching all aspects: employees, the community, regional media, the state, local authorities, political parties and the national media. A new logo was designed to accompany the company logo. The new logo combined flying with the environment  (a leaf) and it was cartoonish to signify childlike innocence.  The whole company communication material was re-designed.



Formulating the personal communication strategy of the CEO of a major airline was largely team work. Re-profiling his resume and promoting his activities in a different light had a lot to do with re-positioning the company at a time of crucial changes in the industry as a whole. The website was revamped and several memos aimed at improving media relations and government affairs.


Private University
The idea was to introduce Corporate Social Responsibility into the academia and present a plan of encompassing all public relations activities of the University under one umbrella and then devise a program to promote them. Thus we were building a profile for the institution aimed at existing students, potential students, the community and the state as well as the wider public.



Major Sports Club
The communication of the message was strong in its simplicity. It conveyed the meaning that the new strategy called for joining forces to face the hard reality of a seriously strained financial  situation and invest in the future. The children represented the future, the simple wording and strong imaging referred to the supposed ease but also impact of the endeavor.  Red represented the fervor and white its transparency. The overall campaign comprised of an SMS campaign, sports conference, music concerts, car race, football matches, contests, website. In the first 2 months, half a million was raised.



Government Relations
The Department of Energy and Commerce of the Greek Government aimed at Greece becoming the energy hub of Southeast Europe. Concurrently, the pipelines of ITGI (Italy-Turkey-Greece Interconnector), Burgas-Alexandroupolis and South Stream were designed and partly constructed during that time. The communications strategy of such an immense project is certainly not one person’s work. And it is even more certain that the geopolitics of energy have complicated internal repercussions, and world implications. High-level government, business and media contacts on a global level is just one aspect of this one-of-a-kind project.

Political party
Issues Management. It is maybe the most sought-after, most interesting, most challenging part of public affairs. The particular project had to do with improving urban living. To be more exact, it had to do with creating a platform in view of the general elections in 2004 Greece that dealt with pressing issues of living in a big city. The ambitious project not only did it aim at winning over the urban vote, which it did, but it was designed to be policy, which it did not. The project as such though was the basis for a very successful metropolis campaign.  It was called: “The Charter of Everyday Life in the Metropolitan Area of Athens”.


Local elections
Everything is politics. This statement is nowhere more real than in local elections. Although everything seems smaller, politics is bigger, more intense, more polarized, more passionate. And it matters more. It affects people’s lives in a far more urgent ad real way. People care more about their local authorities. They get involved more. Local dynamics and interrelations are disproportionally huge. And some of the best political communication work is done in this context.

mi-Cluster News Distribution

Awarded the title of a "European Best Practice", the Corallia Cluster Initiative is an effort to bring together, coordinate and support players (companies, research institutions, authorities etc) of the Hellenic semiconductor & embedded systems industry. With over 120 members, +300m euro in exports and a  primarily international customer base, Corallia needed a way to get the world know about the mi-Cluster member activities. In this context WTM launched  the mi-Cluster News Stream service that allows the quick and easy distribution of member press releases to over 5500 online media and +40 news agencies around the world, through the PRNewswire network.