White Tower Media adds Innovation to Communication 
Friday, April 13, 2012 at 09:42AM

Designing Tropical's New Website 

Tropical, a green tech company and developer of Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology solutions, puts WhiteTowerMedia in charge of the architecture, design and layout of its new site tropical.gr. The implementation of the website is the work of Taxiarxis Mylwnas of siteline.gr. This year denotes the beginning of a new era in energy solutions and Tropical rises to the occasion with new efficient products and a new communication strategy. The website is just the start. 

Tropical has a very broad range of products, spanning different markets and industries. The greatest challenge was to create a single simple site that combines diverse content of what one would normally find in three or four corporate sites of different industries. Another challenge was to make it equally attractive to both businesses and individual customers. We achieved this by re-categorizing the wide product portfolio and providing a combination of tools for a quick, easy and intuitive way to navigate throughout the site. Visitors today will soon be just a single click away from any product and relative information.

The next step will be to support Tropical's executive team to build its social media networks so stay tuned...

Giving New Spin to Easter Greeting Creations 

WhiteTowerMedia created Tropical's Easter greeting card to match our new era of innovative energy solutions. It combined the white-spotted blue egg with the message "new world" (translated from Greek) with Tropical's signature hydrogen full-cell car Cityplus and the message "new habits". 

The same concept was applied to Fortuna Click's Easter card 2012. Fortuna Click's is a software company developing state-of-the-art turn-key solutions for gaming and betting operators (fortunaclick.com). So the idea was to combine its motto "We make eGaming safe, reliable and easy" with a giant white-spotted red egg, balancing on top of a pair of medium red dice, standing on top of a pile of small yellow chips. The message is that Fortuna Click has the ability to combine different applications offering (what seem to be but are really not) easy solutions to complicated problems.

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