Astronomyths to be screened in Hawaian & Korean fulldome festivals

Astronomyths: Where the Sky Ends, the Myth Begins

The universe is a circle, and everything in it revolves; every single End, finds an equal Beginning and together the whole world goes round and round forever and ever. The universe of ASTRONOMYTHS is no different. ASTRONOMYTHS will playfully circle around your consciousness, taking you into an upward spiral flight through light and sound, which will dazzle your senses and explode your knowledge, until it ultimately changes the way you are able to look up into the night sky forever. It’s a digital planetarium show that blends modern astronomy with the ancient Greek mythology after which each constellation visited, was named after.  Producer: White Tower Media, Inc.  24 minutes.


‘Imiloa Fulldome Film Festival

October 5 to 10, 2010

An International line-up of over 50 digital planetarium films will be showcased at ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center’s first Fulldome Film Festival, October 5 to 10, 2010.
    “We are very excited to host this international fulldome film festival in Hilo,” says Shawn Laatsch planetarium manager, “this will showcase the passion and artistry of the digital technology in the planetarium industry.  Endorsed by the International Planetarium Society this will be the largest planetarium film festival in the world.”
    The festival is a unique chance for planetarium and museum professionals from around the world to preview and evaluate the latest content available for digital planetarium theaters.  It will showcase a variety of production types including CGI (computer generated imagery), time-lapse photography, and full dome videography.  
     Join us in celebrating the cutting edge digital imagery from the industry professionals.  All access passes available, contact the front desk for details. 808-969-9703.  Entry admission is required for all planetarium shows.  Daily admission rates apply, choice of show is by availability.  Members benefits apply for up to 3 shows per day, extra show fees apply after, chioce of show is by availability. 

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