WTVP launches www.WTMNews.gr
Monday, January 25, 2010 at 03:33PM

Athens, Greece / January 25, 2010. WTVP announced today the launch of www.wtmnews.gr a technology & innovation news portal covering Greek companies at home and abroad.

Public Relations (PR) is an essential tool for companies that wish to grow and get their brand and products known. Recognizing that adding PR activities in one’s arsenal can be a costly endeavor, WTMNews has developed and integrated a set of tools and activities which will allow companies of all sizes to cost effectively reach their goals.

WTMNews offers to companies the opportunity to publish their news and talk about their products. It offers a platform to link to the international media community. It offers to media companies and professionals a reliable news source. It offers to professionals a platform to obtain knowledge & information, to network and help shape public policy. It offers to bloggers a platform to be heard by and engage a big professional community. It offers a medium to educate the general public and increase awareness. It offers to hiring companies and job seekers an environment better suited to their needs and target audiences.

Further, to be in the position to offer these services on a global scale, WTMNews has formed strategic alliances with key international players, obtaining access to media in over 90 countries around the world and integrating features and functionality that will empower and enrich corporate communication activities.

Technology is a global play but does require local support to evolve from a local to an international player. WTMNews’ goal is to help make this transition.

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