Astronomyths: More Customers & More Distributors in 2009
Friday, January 15, 2010 at 03:32PM

Athens-Thessaloniki, Greece / January 15, 2010. ASTRONOMYTHS, the White Tower Media's 3D animation film for planetaria, continued to see its customer base around the world to grow in the past year despite the global financial turmoil. The film for planetaria is now playing in the USA, Mexico, Spain, UK, Germany, Greece, Ukraine, Japan and Korea.

To this date, all sales have been a result of the company's direct sales and marketing activities. To compliment these efforts, during 2009, the company also signed global distribution agreements with Evans & Sutherland Inc., Zeiss Gmbh and the European distributor of Digitalis Education Inc. The company expects these partnerships to increase exposure and strengthen sales in 2010.

"2009 has been a very hard year for the goverment-supported institutions through-out the world. Similarly planetaria, most of which are not-for-profit educational institutions, were forced to keep budgets under very tight control. We hope that in 2010 we'll see the first signs of recovery in this market" said Konstantinos Giantsios, Managing Director & Producer at White Tower Media.

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