Production Team

They called us the young & reckless when we started the Astronomyths production with very limited resources and no major production experience. Still no one beleives or understands how we did it and not only. Young audiences around the globe are enthusiastic about the show. Talent, determination, passion and a strong team spirit allowed this exceptional group of individuals to achieve the impossible! I am prowd and honored to have had the opportunity to work with them, and I hope to have more such chances in the future!   

Konstantinos Giantsios, Producer


Producer:                                               Konstantinos Giantsios

Direction & Script:                                  Yannis Zafeiriou

Original Idea & Scientific Supervision:    Dionysios P. Simopoulos

Production Manager:                              Konstantinos Giantsios

Animation & SFX Supervisor:                  Sakis Kaleas

Original Music:                                        Nikolas Labrinakos

Music production:                                   Mark Warman

Music mix:                                              Metropolis Studios London

Surround sound mix engineer:              Matt Lawrence

Mix assistant:                                        Declan Gafney

Sound design & final sound mix:           Spyros Aravositas

Voice Cast:                                            Old Man-Jeff Bear, Boy-Achilleas Vriniotis,

                                                              Computer/ Andromeda/ Medusa-Anna Karakalos

Montage:                                               Nikos Moutselos, Sakis Bouzanis - 235 S.A.

Animators:                                             Manolis Douvitsas,

                                                              Yiannis Papadakos,

                                                              Marios Vlachos,

                                                              Yiannis Konstantinou

Storyboard & Conceptual Artwork:        Apostolos 'AMIS' Michailides

Freelance Animators:                             Dimitris Dagdilellis,

                                                              Athena Papadopoulou,

                                                              Alexander Arapantonis

Administration & Office Management:    Fotini Giantsiou

Production:                                            White Tower Media Productions LLC