Companies are not an island. They are subject to market rules but also exist in a communications ecosystem. Their place in the market depends greatly on how they position themselves in the world. And one way of placing is through communicating the company to the world. We can help you communicate your messages to the market and potential investors.

In this particular communications ecosystem, companies seek to sell their products to clients and find investors to fund their growth. To achieve this, they need to make the company, products, and resources known in the right way and to the right people. So they need to market their products and build their profile. That is called branding.


Your first priority is confidence-building. In order to have a profile, you first have to believe it yourself. Then your employees. And third, your immediate environment: co-workers, partners, suppliers, competition. On a local basis. And afterwards, move to the next step.




There is not a company small enough, there is not a firm big enough that does not need some identity-building. We can present all available tools, show you the right ones for you and help you use them.





There are many ways to use a tin can. None of them is wrong but several are wrong for you. Find the correct use of your tin can. It will make a world of difference.





Local is no longer enough. Coming from a small country in a pickle – to say the least – teaches the importance to go global. Exporting your goods but also looking for investors abroad are prerequisites for growth. Sometimes they are prerequisites for survival. And in order to go global, companies need to think, act and breathe global.






We do not believe that the battle is not lost if the war is not over yet. It does not matter how many mistakes have been made in the past and in what state the company is in now. Nothing is ever lost. If anything, defeats offer valuable lessons. In most cases, defeats are more valuable than victories in many respects.



And all it takes is one simple idea. An idea that many have thought about in the past but there is place for only one in the future. Many experts call it marketing. We call it placing.



We work with you to do the amazing. We have a soft spot for new fresh ideas that defy the past and head straight for the present. We can help you promote your ideas and make the most of all the hard work that you put into them.





We work with you to accomplish the impossible. Because what seems as impossible today is actually our case study tomorrow. We strongly believe in supporting great ideas that will link our imagination with reality.