Where the Sky Ends, the Myth Begins!

ASTRONOMYTHS is a digital planetarium show blending modern astronomy with ancient Greek mythology. The show travels the audience through a series of constelations as seen from earth and the respective mythological stories after which they were named. This is a great show for audiences of all ages, presenting rich educational content in a highly entertaining way. The show currently screens in USA, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, UK, Germany, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, China, Korea & Japan.  (24mins, fulldome, 3300X3300 JPEG/PNG sequence, 5.1 Surround Sound)

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"The universe is a circle, and everything in it revolves; every single End, finds an equal Beginning and together the whole world goes round and round forever and ever. The universe of ASTRONOMYTHS is no different. The beginning emulates the end (despite a very surprising twist that will leave you aching for more), and in a journey that lasts under half an hour you will be transported across light years of wondrous sights & sounds.

You will witness galactic events that outlast the lifetime of solar systems (list with all astonomika). You will watch the seemingly mundane life of an ancient family bond (a grandad and his eager-to-learn grandson). You will bend the Laws of Nature and will travel from the smallest of the small to the grandest of the grand.

You will meet ancient mythological beings in person and will fight terrible monsters, trying to become heroes yourself.

You will find answers to some of the universe's most elusive mysteries and you will marvel at a Boy's thirst for knowledge while it transforms him from a star-gazing innocent child into a most promising future citizen of the cosmos. Most importantly ASTRONOMYTHS will playfully circle around your consciousness, taking you into an upward spiral flight through light and sound, which will dazzle your senses and explode your knowledge, until it ultimately changes the way you are able to look up into the night sky forever."

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